Fire & Smoke Restoration & Repair, & Soot Clean-Up

I imagine if you’re reading this there’s a good chance that you’ve had a fire recently. Extinguishing a fire not only results in damages from the fire itself (soot layers & structural charring), but also the damages that come from the water used to put the fire out. That means literally everything in your home could be susceptible to becoming damaged beyond repair.

Our staff have the education and experience to clean-up and restore your home back to where it was before the disaster occurred. Your home won’t smell like smoke or be covered in soot anymore and your floors will be clean and dry.

The goal is to completely restore your home without replacing anything. But sometimes we have to replace some things because they get too damaged to spare. These items can range from building material like flooring, drywall, and cabinets to furniture like sofas, end tables, and shelves.

Whatever the case, we can move, install, and/or assemble anything in your home that cannot be restored.

Contact Us if you have any questions about where to start or what to do after a house fire.

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