Josh Carpenter

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A Century Old Family Tradition

In the 1920’s, Josh’s grandfather embarked on a journey to teach himself how to play the guitar and banjo-uke, thanks to the boom in demand for mail order products being advertised in the Sears Catalog.

No one could have guessed the ripple in time that original purchase created in the family history.

Josh’s grandpa passed those same books down to his kids, who then, just like their dad, taught themselves how to play and sing piano and guitar beautifully.

Josh’s aunt went on to sing as part of the staff at the widely known Frontier Ranch in Columbus, Ohio. While there, she got the chance to sing on the same stage as some of the hottest country stars of the 1960’s.

Although most of those Sears Catalog music books were gone forever, Josh’s aunt was persistent and wrote down the finger positioning of all the major chords for her son, Josh’s cousin, Audie Wykle.

Audie took off with it.

He would go on to win a Nashville guitar contest and recording deal, and become one of the top performers and influencers in the Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins fan communities. Years later, Audie taught Josh those same chords.

After some family research, they would find out that the diagrams of the major chords Audie wrote out for Josh were the same diagrams that Audie’s mom wrote out for him. Those were the same diagrams included in the mail order books she and Josh’s and Audie’s grandpa used to first learn how to play guitar…way back in the 1920s.